Liu Yiwei
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Prof. Dr. Yiwei Liu, Doctoral supervisor, Secretary of the Party branch of magnetic materials, Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences



Main Resume

2001.07-2005.07: Tianjin University, Applied Physics (double degree in Electronic Information Engineering), Undergraduate;

2005.07-2007.07: Tianjin University, Material physics and chemistry, Master;

2007.07-2008.07: Gao Yi Technology Communication Company, R & D Engineer;

2008.07-2009.12: Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Researcher;

2009.12-2014.12: Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Assistant Professor;

2011.09-2015.05: Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Material physics and chemistry, Ph.D.;

2014.12-2018.12: Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor ;

January 2019 - present: Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor.

Honors and awards:

In 2019, Gold medal of national sports science and technology innovation competition of "sports color cup"

In 2019, Selected into the "leading and top talent training project" of Ningbo (the second level)

In 2019, Ningbo Natural Science Excellent Thesis Award

In 2019, Senior member of China Electronics Society

In 2018, Top ten science and technology progress awards of China's robot industry

In 2018, Selected into the youth innovation promotion association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

In 2017, The first prize of the entrepreneurship competition of Ningbo Zhenhai - Youth Promotion Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences

In 2015, The second prize of Ningbo Science and technology progress

In 2014, Bronze award of Ningbo innovation competition

In 2012, Second prize of excellent thesis in natural science of Ningbo Second prize of Tianjin Natural Science

In 2010, Outstanding communist Youth League member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Projects and achievements

针对智能运动、智慧医疗、智能机器人等产业对柔性、弹性及仿生传感器的需求,开展柔性/弹性磁电敏感材料和传感器的制备、调控及其应用研究。主持了国家自然科学基金面上项目、中科院国际合作重点项目、中科院联合基金项目子课题、浙江省公益攻关项目、宁波市重大科技攻关项目、宁波市2025重大科技专项、企业合作项目等;作为项目主要贡献人及核心骨干,参与策划并组织实施了973子课题、科技部中日政府间合作项目、中科院装备计划、宁波市国际合作等项目。已经在 Sci. Robot.、Adv. Mater.、ACS Nano等期刊发表 SCI论文 50余篇;申请发明专利 40 项,授权 26项,受到了IEEE SPECTRUM,Advanced Science News,Materials Views China,eeNews Europe,中国科学院等多家新闻网站的报道;“利用弹性智能手套实现手势控制机械手”的科研成果被央视国际新闻频道CGTN《全景中国》栏目作为典型科技进展进行报道。

In view of the demand of human motion, intelligent medicine, intelligent robot and other industries for flexible, elastic and bionic sensors, the preparation, regulation and application of flexible / elastic sensitive materials and sensors are studied. He has presided over general projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, key international cooperation projects of Chinese Academy of Sciences, sub projects of joint fund projects of Chinese Academy of Sciences, public welfare projects of Zhejiang Province, major scientific and technological projects of Ningbo City, major scientific and technological projects of Ningbo 2025, enterprise cooperation projects, etc.; as the main contributor and core backbone of the project, he participated in the planning and implementation of 973 sub projects, and the inter-governmental cooperation project, the equipment plan of Chinese Academy of Sciences , Ningbo International Cooperation and other projects. More than 50 SCI papers have been published in Sci. Robot., adv. mater., ACS Nano and other journals. He has applied for 40 invention patents and authorized 26. The research results have been reported by IEEE spectrum, advanced science news, materials views China, eenews Europe, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other news websites. The scientific research achievement of "using elastic intelligent gloves to realize gesture control manipulator" was reported by CCTV international news channel CGTN as a typical technological progress.

Research interests:

It is mainly engaged in the design, preparation, regulation and application research of flexible sensitive materials and sensors that can be used for human motion monitoring, health monitoring, human-machine interaction, intelligent clothing, etc., including: liquid metal based elastic sensitive materials and sensors, flexible magnetic sensitive materials and magnetic sensors, elastic strain sensitive materials and strain sensors.

Enrollment number and major:

Postdoctoral students are recruited all year round, and 2-3 doctoral / Master students are recruited every year.

Flexible electronics and its application is an interdisciplinary subject. Postdoctors and students of different majors, such as materials, physics, polymers, machinery, electronics, textiles, are welcome to join us.

Selected Publications:

1. Waqas Asghar, Fali Li, Youlin Zhou, Yuanzhao Wu, Zhe Yu, Shengbin Li, Daxiu Tang, Xintong Han, Jie Shang, Yiwei Liu*, Run-Wei Li*. Piezocapacitive Flexible E-Skin Pressure Sensors Having Magnetically Grown Microstructures. Adv. Mater. Technol. 5, 1900934 (2020).

2. Daxiu Tang, Zhe Yu, Yong He, Waqas Asghar, Ya-Nan Zheng, Fali Li, Changcheng Shi, Roozbeh Zarei, Yiwei Liu, Jie Shang*, Xiang Liu, Run-Wei Li*. Strain-Insensitive Elastic Surface Electromyographic(sEMG) Electrode for Efficient Recognition of Exercise Intensities. Micromachines 11, 239 (2020).

3. Ya-Nan Zheng, Zhe Yu, Guoyong Mao, Yunyao Li, Waqas Asghar, Yiwei Liu, Shaoxing Qu, Jie Shang*, Run-Wei Li*. A Wearable Capacitive Sensor Based on Ring/Disc-shaped Electrode and Porous Dielectric for Non-contact Healthcare Monitoring. Global Challenges No. gch2.201900079R3. (2020).

4. Youlin Zhou, Yuanzhao Wu, Waqas Asghar, Jun Ding, Xinran Su, Shengbin Li, Fali Li, Zhe Yu, Jie Shang, Yiwei Liu*, Run-Wei Li*. Asymmetric Structure Based Flexible Strain Sensor for Simultaneous Detection of Various Human Joint Motions. ACS Appl. Electron. Mater. 1, 1866 (2019).

5. Peng-Juan Cao, Yiwei Liu*, Waqas Asghar, Chao Hu, Fali Li, Yuanzhao Wu, Yunyao Li, Zhe Yu, Shengbin Li, Jie Shang, Xincai Liu,* and Run-Wei Li*. A Stretchable Capacitive Strain Sensor Having Adjustable Elastic Modulus Capability for Wide-Range Force Detection. Adv. Eng. Mater. 1901239 (2019).

6. Yuxin Wang, Zhe Yu, Jie Shang*, Yiwei Liu and Run-Wei Li*. Review of Liquid Metal-Based Strain and Tactile Sensors. Research & Development in Material Science 5,1-4. (2018)【Invited Review】

7. Zhe Yu, Jie Shang*, Xuhong Niu, Yiwei Liu, Gang Liu, Pravarthana Dhanapal, Yanan Zheng, Huali Yang, Yuanzhao Wu, Youlin Zhou, Yuxin Wang, Daxiu Tang, and Run-Wei Li*. A Composite Elastic Conductor with High Dynamic Stability Based on 3D-Calabash Bunch Conductive Network Structure for Wearable Devices. Advanced Electronic Materials 1800137 (2018)

8. Fali Li, Qin Qin, Youlin Zhou, Yuanzhao Wu, Wuhong Xue, Shuang Gao, Jie Shang,Yiwei Liu*, and Run-Wei Li*.Recyclable Liquid Metal-Based Circuit on Paper. Adv. Mater. Tech. 1800131 (2018)

9. Yuanzhao Wu, Yiwei Liu*, Fali Li, Youlin Zhou, Jun Ding, Run-Wei Li*. A novel approach based on magneto-electric torque sensor for non-contact biomarkers detection.Sensors&Actuat. B: Chem. 276,540 (2018)

10. Yuanzhao Wu, Yiwei Liu*, Youlin Zhou, Qikui Man, Chao Hu, Waqas Asghar, Fali Li, Zhe Yu, Jie Shang, Gang Liu, Meiyong Liao, Run-Wei Li*. A skin-inspired tactile sensor for smart prosthetics. Sci. Robot. 3, eaat0429. (2018) 【《科学》杂志子刊

11. Yuxin Wang, Zhe Yu, Guoyong Mao, Yiwei Liu, Gang Liu, Jie Shang*, Shaoxing Qu, Qingming Chen, and Run-Wei Li*.Printable Liquid-Metal@PDMS Stretchable Heater with High Stretchability and Dynamic Stability for Wearable Thermotherapy. Adv. Mater. Tech. 1800435. (2018)

12. Yali Xie, Qingfeng Zhan, Tian Shang, Huali Yang, Yiwei Liu, Baomin Wang*, Run-Wei Li*. Electric field control of magnetic properties in FeRh/PMN-PT heterostructures. AIP Advances 8, 055816 (2018).

13. Yuanzhao Wu, Yiwei Liu*,Qingfeng Zhan, J. Ping Liu, and Run-Wei Li*. Rapid detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 using Tunneling magnetoresistance biosensor. AIP Adv. 7, 056658 (2017).

14. Chun-Lei Zheng, Yiwei Liu*, Qing-Feng Zhan, Yuan-Zhao Wu, and Run-Wei Li*. Giant low-frequency magnetoelectric torque (MET) effect in polyvinylidene-fluoride (PVDF)-based MET device. Chin. Phys. B 26, 6, 067703 (2017).

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16. Huihui Li, Qingfeng Zhan*, Yiwei Liu, Luping Liu, Huali Yang, Zhenghu Zuo, Tian Shang, Baomin Wang, and Run-Wei Li*. Stretchable Spin Valve with Stable Magnetic Field Sensitivity by Ribbon-Patterned Periodic Wrinkles. ACS Nano 10, 4403 (2016).

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