A Multilevel Memory Based on Proton-Doped Polyazomethine
Date: 2014-12-08, Hits: 1309

The uniformity of operating parameters in organic nonvolatile memory devices is very important to avoid false programming and error readout problems. In the present work, we fabricated an organic resistiveswitching memory based on protonic-acid-doped polyazomethine (PA-TsOH), which demonstrates an excellent operative uniformity and multilevel storage capability. The deliberate tuning of the resistance states can be attributed to the electric-field-controlled molecular doping of the imine-containing polymers.

The authors acknowledge financial support from the State Key Project of Fundamental Research of China (973 Program, 2009CB930803, 2012CB933004), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ningbo Science and Technology Innovation Team (2009B21005, 2011B82004), and the Zhejiang and Ningbo Natural Science Foundations. The authors also thank C. Yang for assistance with CV, Z. Zuo for D−E hysteresis, H. Yang for data analysis, and Prof. J. Ding for fruitful discussions.

Illustrates the voltage pulse utilized for the device programming. The reading voltage is −0.5 V.